Business Benefits

Low sales price
Environament friendly (reuse plastic bottles campaign)
Small production structure
First company to operate in Brazil
lower competition
Big Market in Brazil and South America
Brazilian´s Vending Machines Market ascending

For more franchise information please contact 941-218-4870 or 941-729-1652

Water Vending Machines

Investment Per Unit Relatively Low
24-7 Consumer Access
Portability – Machines Can Be Easily Moved
Long Service Life – Typically 13- 18 Year Average
Franchising Business Model
Businesses Rental Model
Apartment Complexes Rental Model
Supermarket Vending Model
Publicity sales opportunity

Company Overview

Company Founded in 2011,
First Licence aquired in 2012 (INMETRO)
1 production facility (9 employees)
2 branch offices
5 states operation
Specific Legislation created to Purificatta
Contract signed with the biggests supermarkets at south of Brazil