Founder Lourdes Helena Gallagher -

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. 

B.E.S. International is a power developer deploying proven, economically reliable technology to those underserved by electrical grids. The B.E.S  team utilizes deep connections in the technology, finance, and international communities to bring unique utility solutions to the developing world. The goal is to improve lives and communities, while leveraging the best technology and financial solutions available for superior investment returns. 

Developing countries in particular need affordable power to create industry and jobs, to improve sanitation and water treatment, to provide better levels of human health and higher standards of living as they climb out of the trap of poverty -- just as the rich world did over the preceding two centuries.

B.E.S  solves for distributed energy and infrastructure certainty, enabling the 4 Human Need Pillars: Food, Water, Healthcare, Security.

​Nearly 65% of the world's energy is used to power electric motors of  some kind.  If even 10% of this energy can be saved, there is:
1. Ability to change economies.
2. Ability to positively impact the air we breathe.
3. Ability to provide affordable electricity to all people groups.
4. Ability to channel dollars from electric bills into investments.

MEI's  technology is documented 30-40% more efficient than general-purpose  technology currently available.  Motors are sealed, silent, and do not  require cooling or fans because they are so efficient.
Reputable science has validated MEI technology and participates in continued development of new products. 
There are no application limits.
Uses  for MEI technology include pumps, generators, vehicles, irrigation, and  MEI wind turbines.  Speed limits are removed from MEI motors and  alternators, scale up/down matches any purpose.
MEI has built motors, alternators, wind turbines, auxiliary power units, and HVAC climate control systems