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Engineer & Business Consultant, helping small business to become fortune 500  companies.  ​


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Commercial Engineering and Design Applications

​Energy Efficient Systems & Water Sanitation Systems

Certified, Experienced, In-house Engineering.  Our engineering has 30+ years of experience to assist in the sizing, design and engineering of commercial systems. Available to house engineering team can take on any size job regardless of how large or how small.

Full-Service Engineering and Design Team. Choose from a turn-key solution or have BES do a portion of your design work.  We offer complete design services, including material selection, engineering analysis, thermal considerations, ROI, paybacks, system designs and complete solar thermal solutions.

BES. INC holds a deep understanding of solar power generation, renewable energy &  infrastructure. We offer clients a full range of capabilities with respect to energy asset development. We are able to lead or support projects ranging from conventional SOLAR power to industrial cogeneration, distributed generation, renewable fuel and power technologies. We do this by tapping into a wealth of experience that ranges from due diligence review, technology selection and performance evaluation, and risk assessment to contract negotiations, supply and transport planning, and financing assistance.  We partner with the best manufacturers in the world.

Financial Analysis. We’ll guide you through the steps to ensure your project meets the return on investment (ROI) expectations you, your investors and your customers have. BES along with our project financing partners can offer turnkey solutions to large projects requiring Lease options or Power Purchase Agreements.

Getting started on your solar energy goals is easier than you think. Facilities such as  IKEA home furnishings center in Orlando, Florida, Elgin Air Force Base in Valparaiso, Florida, and St Joseph’s College in West Hartford, Conneticut have trusted us with their solar energy designs. Here are some of the reasons our collectors have graced the rooftops of many commercial applications from government to healthcare to hospitality to educational institutions and more.

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