Admission decisions are determined by your application, assessment forms, grades, shadow visit, and test scores. We admit students who can succeed academically and who will contribute to our independent school community.
To facilitate the admissions process, we recommend that you follow the guidelines listed below. These steps are important and necessary in expediting the admission decision.

The GLOBAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE seeks energetic and inquisitive students with high personal standards, who will benefit from our rigorous academic program, and will contribute to the vitality of our diverse community. Central to our philosophy GLOBAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE recognizes the invaluable benefits of a diverse student body and welcomes students of any race, religion, national or ethnic origin. The GLOBAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE admission procedures and criteria vary according to the ages of the students and the programs to which they are applying, but the general process is designed to identify the following characteristics:

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Strength of character of the individual
Intellectual curiosity
Self-motivation and discipline
Enthusiasm for contributing to the school community


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Registration for Campus Students  Applying for admission to GTC is easy!  We encourage you to work with an admissions counselor during the admissions process. Below are steps to admission:

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           Fill out the Contact us page to start the college admission process with GTC.

           Submit your transcript via regular mail or at  the Student Portal by logging on Visit GTC's main campus in Sarasota, FL 34236.

Get the real college experience at Discover GTC, work with your admissions counselor to register for classes  By texting 941-729-1652 to schedule an appointment.  Have a wonderful day!