BES INC INTL Business Consulting

We specialize in developing green energy projects and bridging the transfer of technology, specifically the generation of power from alternative sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power plants between companies and investors in the United States; with government entities and private companies in BRAZIL. BES INC. Property Management specializes in managing and developing urban communities. All of our companies and associates, while utilizing innovative solutions and expanding these systems to under served regions, envisions creating self-sustaining communities and thousands of jobs, partnering with foreign governments to develop viable plans for their most economically challenged populations.

 We have developed an innovative and unique way to ensure that countries in SOUTH AMERICA foster communities that can grow and become self sufficient.


Public/Private Partnerships provide mutually beneficial relationships between a public agency and a private company.

BES INC  Global Energy Group will work as an IPP company to provide governments financial solutions, shifting the burden, functions and responsibilities working with private investors. A G ENTERPRISE  will bring professional expertise and a personal commitment to achieve IPP and project goals

National Governments

As a company providing EPC, EPCM and EPCFM services, we are able to leverage our international networks to develop innovative solutions for the expansion of renewable energy consumption and development for National Governments


Our executive team is comprised of experienced and enthusiastic leaders in commodities trading, energy and sustainable development, servicing South America


Aliando Tecnologia! Com o intuito de unir as mais modernas e atualizadas tecnologias para criar e desenvolver soluções, a Aliatec surgiu. Nosso trabalho está voltado para apresentar soluções em Projetos Ambientais, Saneamento básico, Criação de Energia, Reaproveitamento de Água, Transporte e Destinação de Lixo, desenvolvimento de ETE e ETA para atender todas as legislações e portarias.

A ALX INTERNATIONAL   Grupo do Brasil  presente no mercado Brasileiro e Norte Americano aliando tecnologias, pessoas e processos pra auxiliar o segmento privado e público a encontrar soluções ambientais. Com a junção de sociedades em diversas empresas a Aliatec Grupo do Brasil se faz presente em diversos setores público e privado no Brasil e EUA.

 A ALX INTERNATIONAL   Grupo do Brasil é uma empresa que apresenta soluções especificas e com tecnologias modernas sempre em sintonia com o meio ambiente.

Local Governments

BES  Group successfully utilizes our local and regional knowledge and relationships to enhance the quality of integrated reneable energy, providing solutions for the expansion of energy consumption and development of Local Governments.


We are an integrated commodity trading entity, diligently working to deliver several product lines from an array of accredited and affiliated suppliers from North and South America to governments and private entities in Africa.