Web Development, Simultaneous Interpreters, location Scout.  Engineer & Business Consultant    B: + 1(941) 729-1652 - use your What's app to contact us via text - SMS -   Simultaneous Interpreters, location Scout. 

 What inspire you?  What makes you reach your goal?  Let us know.  Co-production with Diamante Filmes.  Click here to learn more.


Film Transcend 

Lourdes's performing with a young aspiring actress at this famous Church in Rio. Click hereTranscend The Film to find out more



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Services  B: + 1 (941) 729-1652

Business Plan Analyst, Business  Financing Assistance, Mergers & Acquisitions, National & International representation, Partnership Development, UL Certification; Green Energy Integration Systems, Commercial Applications & Residential, Engineering  & Business Consultants, ITA =  Independent Technical Advisory   Technical & HR Training in Several languages, Interpreter Services (Brazilian & Iberian Portuguese)

Commercials & Films Productions, Brazilian & Iberian Portuguese,  Voice over Talent Marketing Services, Sag-Aftra Compliance, Financial Assistance for small to large business enterprises. 

Engineering  & Business Consultants  + ITA =  Independent Technical Advisory   -  What's up users need to call 1-941-729-1652

Engineering Specification, Agency Certification, Prototype, Concept Design, Word Class Design, Merchandising, Toys,
Documentation & Testing, Concept Design, Tie-ins, Manufacturing tooling, process document, 3D Designer

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GPS - car buyer guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_wKrd2Bm4

Lourdes Gallagher - Teacher - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoIMjoff4nE

Rachel Hannah Gallagher as TV Host 


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Consultoria de Engenharia e Negócios, Dublagem Traduções,

Cursos profissionalizantes p/ atores e cineastas. Produções de

comerciais e vídeos em geral

A Professional with seventeen years in the communication business TV & Radio producer, Film Director, Voice Over Talent, teacher & actress. High-impact communicator capable of effectively conveying information at all levels.  BES Inc has chosen me to write, record, translate and transcribe films & commercials.   Solid independent judgment, honorable work ethics, able to build outstanding working relationships.

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