Web Development, Simultaneous Interpreters, location Scout.  Engineer & Business Consultant    B: + 1(941) 729-1652 - use your What's app to contact us via text - SMS -   Simultaneous Interpreters, location Scout. 

 What inspire you?  What makes you reach your goal?  Let us know.  Co-production with Diamante Filmes.  Click here to learn more.


Film Transcend 

Lourdes's performing with a young aspiring actress at this famous Church in Rio. Click hereTranscend The Film to find out more



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Services  B: + 1 (941) 729-1652

Do you want to retire?  Let us manage your business enabling you to keep generating income to your children and loved ones! We are insured, bonded and our founder Lourdes Helena holds an active Federal Governmental Clearance for Public Trust.   Business Plan Analyst, Business  Plan Writer, Financing Assistance, Mergers & Acquisitions, National & International representation, Partnership Development, UL Certification; Green Energy Integration Systems, Commercial Applications & Residential, Engineering  & Business Consultants, ITA =  Independent Technical Advisory   Technical & HR Training in Several languages, Interpreter Services (Brazilian & Iberian Portuguese)

Commercials & Films Productions, Brazilian & Iberian Portuguese,  Voice over Talent Marketing Services, Sag-Aftra Compliance, Financial Assistance for small to large business enterprises. 

Engineering  & Business Consultants  + ITA =  Independent Technical Advisory   -  What's up users need to call 1-941-729-1652

Engineering Specification, Agency Certification, Prototype, Concept Design, Word Class Design, Merchandising, Toys,
Documentation & Testing, Concept Design, Tie-ins, Manufacturing tooling, process document, 3D Designer

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GPS - car buyer guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_wKrd2Bm4

Lourdes Gallagher - Teacher - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoIMjoff4nE

Rachel Hannah Gallagher as TV Host 


Em portugues

Consultoria de Engenharia e Negócios, Dublagem Traduções,

Cursos profissionalizantes p/ atores e cineastas. Produções de

comerciais e vídeos em geral

A Professional with seventeen years in the communication business TV & Radio producer, Film Director, Voice Over Talent, teacher & actress. High-impact communicator capable of effectively conveying information at all levels.  BES Inc has chosen me to write, record, translate and transcribe films & commercials.   Solid independent judgment, honorable work ethics, able to build outstanding working relationships.

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